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A Picnic Gathering to Celebrate the 2017-2018 TTN Kick-Off! 

September 20, 2017

“Since our August picnic was a success even in the rain, the steering committee decided to have another picnic and hoped for better weather.  We had a gorgeous evening for our picnic at Minnehaha Park on September 20.  16 women, including 3 new to TTN and 2 who hadn’t attended an event in a couple years, ventured out for the event.  As is the case at many TTN events, we had good food and conversation.  The attendees shared our experience with TTN  and why we had come to a TTN event.  The common theme of wanting to meet people who were also going through transitions related to work or personal life situations was frequently expressed.  We also had a book sharing event and made delicious s'mores.  It was  great evening in a beautiful Minneapolis park.”