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Make It R.E.A.L. Connecting Your Values to Your Life

April 25, 2018

On April 25, 10 women enjoyed a thought-provoking and enjoyable presentation by Karen Carr, a certified professional life coach and MSP TTN member. Our time focused on values, listening, and making it REAL. Karen provided us a practical way to make sure we are spending our time and energy on what is really important to each of us. We first spent a little time thinking about what we really value. Then we talked about connecting these values to your life by making it REAL: Realistic, Exciting/Engaging, Action, and Love/Luxury/Loyalty (you pick). Karen provided personal stories to illustrate the concepts and then the participants paired up to share our own information. It was a great way to think about our own situations and connect with another woman to learn about her life. Throughout the evening, we practiced listening. Karen challenged us to really listen to what the other person was really saying. We even had to listen to the other person for one minute without commenting – that was really hard and provided lots of insights about how little we actually listen to what another person is saying. It was a great evening and we want to thank Karen for sharing her expertise with us in her warm and caring way.