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Women in Transition Workshop: An Unqualified Success!

October 8, 2018

About half of the women in attendance were new to TTN, having learned about the workshop via various outlets, including Meet Up, a social media platform. They came from as far away as Duluth and Rochester. The post-workshop evaluations submitted by the attendees were overwhelmingly positive.

The workshop as a whole was successful not only because it was sold out, but also because it created a safe, respectful and caring setting for women to share their personal stories of changes in their lives and to discuss their hopes and fears around those changes. Transitions that women found
challenging included the “empty nest”, retirement from work, unwanted unemployment, entering new work, caring for aging parents, health issues, becoming widowed or divorced, the birth of grandchildren, downsizing, and major geographic moves.

The workshop included time for small groups to discuss and share problems and suggested solutions about their particular transition challenges. Each individual was invited to commit to an action plan addressing their area of concern and to be accountable to a workshop partner to report on progress made in the plan. The workshop materials included an extensive list of books and other resources related to the positive approach to aging and changing.

Many of the participants are interested in continuing the conversation around transitions. As a result, the Steering Committee is launching an effort to encourage them to form their own Transition Peer Groups (TPG). Later in this newsletter you can find an article describing these efforts and inviting all TTN members to explore this possibility together.