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More Things that Make Me Happy

May 13, 2019

By Nancy Gold

The list goes on.  Here are the latest additions to the original 28 responses to Things that Make Me Happy that I named before. They’re as varied as our members!

29. The sunshine
30. Morning sky
31. Girlfriends. Girls are very special….
32. The ocean
33. Funny things that geeky guys say (always unexpected funny things)
34. My husband’s morning smile
35. My 80 year old mother’s new email signature: World’s Best Mom (I gave her the rubber stamp, and now she signs everything with it)
36. When a baby catches your eye and locks on (This was my personal favorite)
37. How yoga makes me feel
38. I volunteer at a life size aquarium and I love how children, teenagers and adults SQUEAL as the fish, eels, pufferfish or stingrays swim by them
Thank you, KK. Always insightful
39. Being able to take, finish and even be decent in a class called “Modern Dance for Mature Dancers.” (Just the name itself makes me happy!)
40. Really super-sharp knives that make food prep sooo easy and fun. Knowing how to dice an onion
41. Sitting across from my husband at breakfast – reading the Times, not even talking – just BEING there together
42. Strong black coffee
43. My women friends from many disparate parts of my life – the linked hands that create a network of safety, the love and the laughter and the goofy secrets
44. Look at great art – in NY, Florence, Paris, and London etc. etc.
45. Spaghetti con vongole!
46. Really good red wine – French, Italian, Sicilian, occasionally American
47. A Negroni
48. Cuddling with grandchildren
Thank you, BR!

So now you have an assignment, dear reader. Next time you feel a bit blue, a little down in the dumps, please read this list. Add your own reasons to be happy. Promise yourself that when you wake up in the morning you will remember “how much joy there is be had in life from the exercise of gratitude. No matter what befalls us, life’s beauty is still there for the noticing….” Thank you, SF.

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Thanks for reading this. I hope it helped.