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28 Things That Make Me Happy

April 1, 2019

By Nancy Gold

Trust me. There are more than 28 things that make me happy but I started with the simple every day ones, actually the ones that really, really matter.

These are mine. What are yours?

1. Making my husband laugh.

2. Clean towels, clean sheets and a totally (OK - almost totally) clean apartment.

3. Hugs from friends and praise from my family.

4. Perfectly ripe avocadoes where there are no brown marks and the pit comes out easily.

5. Trader Joe's Cold Press coffee.

6. The smell of just cut grass, lilacs blooming, lily of the valley, jasmine and basil.

7. Waking up early because I just did, looking out the window at a sunny morning and sensing the potential of a glorious day.

8. Extra dry vodka martini (just one) and cosmopolitans, but never together and never at the same time.

9. Did I mention laughing? Laughing so hard and so long that your eyes tear and you are breathless.

10. Being totally and deliciously silly with wild abandon.

11.  Checking off items on my never-ending to-do list. Nirvana will be reached when the to-dos are completed. No worries, it will not happen soon. You feel good about one item completed and another pops up.

12. Earrings and a little make up.

13. Fixing the stopper in the sink by looking under the sink (who does that?) and understanding the levers. Viola! No need to call the plumber. Money saved and mission accomplished.

14. Talking to my daughter, laughing with my daughter, knowing my daughter loves me and hearing her say something that I once told her. (Yes! She does listen!)

15. Whimsical teapots, whimsical clothes, whimsical shoes, whimsical anything.

16. Plants. Plants that have vines that curve. Bulbs that bloom. Anything with flowers. My large Boston fern that is over 30 years old.

17. Playing tennis with congenial people. Hitting a good serve. That marvelous thunk of a well hit backhand and a strong forehand. A quick back and forth at the net.

18. A flat stomach (OK - that is a goal).

19. Getting a new computer, having to learn how to use it - a new keyboard, wireless mouse, new email set up and realizing it is a process (just like everything else in life) and even your girlfriend who is a total pro can admit there are snags we need to work around. (God bless you, Kristin!)

20. A sense of community wherever you live. People who look out for you, wonder if you are not around, will pick up your mail/packages and remind you when there are meetings.

21. When your teeth are white, you got a good haircut, your eyes are clear, your eyebrows look good and there are no stray hairs on your chin.

22. Bright colors and Converse sneakers.

23. Meeting new people who are interesting, who want to listen, who are upbeat and balanced.

24. Discovering a new author.

25. Having a sister who remembers our common history so we never have to explain things.

26. Being glad that your perception of a person/situation is seen the same way by some other friend. Openness and honesty, compassionately served, are prized possessions.

27. Bialys, walnuts and halvah.

28. Getting feedback on my blog.

Which leads me to another it is your turn to tell me what your favorite things are. I really want to know. What makes you happy? What makes your day?

Email me now while it is fresh in your mind. Yes, you will be made immortal in my follow up article but only your initials will be used to mask your greatness.

Nancy Gold has held senior level positions in marketing and sales. She retired from Univision Television and and has extensive experience with large corporations, including CBS TV, and has handled their advertising needs and new business development. Nancy is a former Caring Collobrative Co-Chair and has been a TTN member for over 4 years.