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Responses to: YOU, The Invisible Woman

April 1, 2019

By Nancy Gold

Oh yes! This article touched a nerve.

Thank you for all the responses and there were a lot of them. Many responses had the same positive theme so I picked the ones that reflected many. I guess that many answers proved that we and this article were NOT invisible.

This first response really resonated with wisdom. "At 89, soon to be 90, I suppose I am invisible but it truly does not get my knickers in a twist. I am grateful when offered a seat. I smile broadly and say, "I love you." On a recent phone call with poor reception to an insurance company trying to speak to an employee with a heavy accent I asked her to repeat her response quite a few times. I was asked if I wanted to include the name of the person who helped me pay my bills on the policy. Invisible? No, simply aware of my advancing age." MR, thank you for your valued response! 

LE writes "be assertive, get involved, make your voice heard and enjoy yourself. We need to share our opinion, our thoughts and our personal philosophies. You go, girl!" Love the enthusiasm!

 "I have become a fanatic about holding the door for the person behind me and make note of those that say thank you and don't judge those that don't. Is that the reason I am doing it???(ML, you are a better person than I. I do judge.) And also I have noticed a number of women in our TTN meetings who are speaking and when interrupted asking the interrupter to let them finish. It works." ML, thanks for your response and keep up with the good work on holding the door. I do it too. Lead by example.

 Another reader, HR writes "At my age people are now telling me that I am adorable. I certainly never heard that in my younger years when a man would look at me and I would look away. Now I feel very confident that if someone talks to me that it is because they want to. As you stated in your article invisibility is something we bring upon ourselves." An interesting insight, HR.

 Ever feisty MB says " I dislike being addressed by Miss M. Yes, I know it is part of the Southern tradition to address women by their first name prefixed by "Miss." However it is not part of my tradition to be addressed as though I am a child."

"Some women may feel that they are invisible but rest assured that they are very visible. As we stroll down the avenue we see women who are dressing as a teenager. Or the red head with 2 inch gray roots. How about the women wearing high heels, something we wish we could wear. Nobody is invisible. We may imagine we are but we are not. Especially when the cashier gives you a 10% senior citizen discount." CG, always insightful!

And there you have it. We are not invisible unless we let ourselves be invisible. You do not realize how visible you really are without knowing it. How about the time you dropped a slip of paper and a stranger says "you know you dropped this?" How about when someone says "I like your sneakers?" Or the younger guy at the gym says "go ahead and work in" on the weight lifting machine? My personal favorite was when an acquaintance upon hearing it was my birthday asked me if I had had work done on my skin. The answer is no and if the answer was a yes, you should not have asked me that unless you were my close friend. Boundaries matter!

BE POSITIVE and I look forward to hearing from you on the next article. Let's continue the conversation!

Nancy Gold has held senior level positions in marketing and sales. She retired from Univision Television and and has extensive experience with large corporations, including CBS TV, and has handled their advertising needs and new business development. Nancy is a former Caring Collobrative Co-Chair and has been a TTN member for over 4 years.