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TTN's Short List - April 2019

April 1, 2019

By Susan Nieder Acunto, &  Karen Gens


EAT - 

The Society Cafe at the Walker Hotel. Take advantage of the scrumptious and sensibly priced prix-fixe breakfast or lunch (which includes a glass of good vino!) offered at this hidden gem. The classic, historic design oozes charm in this Greenwich Village boutique hotel/restaurant.  (52 West 13th St.)

***Culinary Explorers
TTN TIP: Make life easy: Use the elevator to and fro, from Lobby to Resto to Restrooms.


Grab your ticket for the George London Foundation recital at 4pm Sunday, May 5th at the Morgan Library. It includes free admission to the Library. For more information go to and click on Public Programs and Concerts.

***Arias 'r' Us
TTN TIP: Go a bit early to see the Renaissance Italian Drawings and stay on a bit
after for a reception with the opera singers. Both are included in the concert price.


This Chair Rocks: A Manifesto Against Ageism by Ashton Applewhite.
 Chock-a-block full of interesting suggestions on ways to create an "all-age-friendly" world, this book busts wide open many of the convenient myths targeting Boomers on up.

***Book Group
TTN TIP: Sign up for your free month at Scrib'd ( to listen to the audioversion for free!


The Jewish Museum: Where Leonard Cohen is clearly the guy holding court at this first-time contemporary art exhibit offering a well-deserved shout out to Canada's gravelly voiced, sexy chanteur. April 12th- Sept 8th. For more information go to and click on Exhibitions and then on Upcoming.

***Museums and Galleries 
TTN TIP: Grab a bagel downstairs at Russ and Daughters for a mini-nosh


The Shed: Exhibitions! Performances! Lectures! Scheduled to open in early April make time for an early bird scope out of this highly anticipated artistic invention.
545 W 30th Street New York - where the Highline (HiLi) meets Hudson Yards (HuYa) 

TTN TIP: If you've an extra Benjamin, join up as a "Builder" for advance notice and discounted tickets.  For more information check out