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TTN National Anti-Racism Project:  Resources for Change

This project has been initiated in response to the tragic events of the summer and the outpouring of interest by our members in identifying and understanding the effects of racism in this country. We begin this work by identifying resources and tools to educate ourselves in deep and meaningful ways so we can become allies in the struggle for equality and equity.
This Resource Center provides a starting point for TTN and our members to listen to and connect with an array of diverse voices and perspectives, to discover and learn from a history and life experience that may be different from ours, and finally to identify ways to impact racism in our own lives and communities.
This resource list represents the work of many our our members and we are grateful for their leadership in this effort.  Several of our chapters have already implemented ant-racism programs using these and other materials. These resources have been curated to provide ease of use by individual members and chapters. It is certainly not exhaustive, and new resources will be added as they are identified.
We hope that you will join us in this important effort. Educational resources are available to all TTN members. Please click the link below to gain access to these important tools.

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