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Our sponsorships provide flexibility so businesses and individuals can support the mission of The Transition Network at businesses at a variety of levels.

The Transition Network reaches a community of professional women who are used to being decision-makers. They are reaching out, learning and growing as they move through the many transitions that is life after 50. And they control the purse strings on a wide range of buying decisions from business and financial concerns to health care to vacations, entertainment and fashion.  The TTN demographic is a vital and growing market for businesses to tap into.

The TTN Woman:

  • TTN women are educated women who are now thinking about “what’s next.” They are diverse in who they are and where they come from.  Many have worked most of their lives.
  • Have a median household income of $120,000.
  • Are highly educated—likely to hold a graduated or professional degree (over 70%).
  • Many work full time, part-time or as volunteers.
  • Stays intellectually engaged with courses, lectures, events, and book groups.
  • Travels regularly both within the United States (90%) and abroad (60%).
  • Keeps fit by working out at least 2-3 times a week, with a sizable group (40%) exercising even more often.

Choose from a variety of sponsorship alternatives, including:

TTN is celebrating its 20 years of connecting and supporting women in 2020!  Join the celebration by becoming a sponsor for this special year!

  • In-kind donations such as office space.
  • National or chapter programs or events, including online programs.
  • Support for Caring Collaborative, a program in some chapters that provides presentations on health and wellness issues and coordinates member-to-member assistance when medical issues aris. 

Interested in becoming a TTN Sponsor? For more information,
contact us at 347-735-6035