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Second Blooming:
A Dozen Tips for Achieving Better Balance in Life

8 Technologies Boomers Need to Learn

Turning Point:
Happiness and Wellness Part V

Career Pathways:
For 2015: Resolutions + Action Plans

The Upside of Aging

Four Ways to Make the Most of Retirement

Seeking meaning over money in second career

TTN Takes Flight to La Cote d'Azur

Feeling Younger May Help Memory as We Age

America in 2050: Even Older and More Diverse

Message from the Executive Director

Parents: A Lifelong Impact

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Smart Women Don’t Retire, They Break Free

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THE TRANSITION NETWORK (TTN) is an inclusive community of professional women, 50 and forward, whose changing life situations lead them to seek new connections, resources, and opportunities.

TTN envisions life as a series of transitions – from active parent to empty-nester… family member to caregiver… employee to entrepreneur, volunteer or retiree… who we are now to who we want to be next.  

Through programs, events and small group interactions, TTN women inspire and support each other as we continue a life of learning, engagement, and leadership.  Together, we move forward and embrace the changes to come.

As a national organization, TTN is a relevant voice for women who continue to change the rules.

Luanne Mullin

Luanne Mullin

Luanne Mullin, a member of the Steering Committee in the San Francisco Chapter, a Project Manager at the University of California and the Marin County Commissioner on Aging has a lot on her plate. But she never stops looking out for new and exciting challenges to keep life interesting! READ MORE
TTN Takes Flight to La Cote d'Azur

TTN Takes Flight to La Cote d'Azur

EARLY BIRD PRICING EXTENDED TO NOVEMBER 30, 2014. What could be better than traveling with your TTN friends? Traveling with your TTN friends to the French Riviera! We've partnered with... READ MORE
Ice Show - Ice! 2014 at Gaylord

Ice Show - Ice! 2014 at Gaylord

Do you want to try something a little different? Step inside a winter wonderland created entirely of 5,000 blocks of ice weighing 2 million pounds! all hand-sculpted by 40 international artisans... READ MORE