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New Special Interest Groups In Formation

These SIGs are in formation and are looking for interested members. 
If you are a TTN member  and would like to be connected to the person organizing these SIGs, please contact Ellen Murphy,  If you have an idea for a special interest group and are willing to take the lead in forming it, contact Ellen so we cna help publicize the group on the website and in the Chapter e-newsletters.  Remember, though, TTN membership is required to participate in any Peer Group, either Transition Groups or Special Interest Groups. 

Adopt A Sister
If you have ever wished for a female sibling who could be your best friend and confidant, than why not consider joining a small group of ladies who share this same desire? Keep in mind that it is "never" too late to have a "sister" in your life.  Contact:  (2/14)

Artists and Artisans
Artists & Artisans is a TTN peer group of enthusiastic artistic women who have come together to share, learn, support and inspire one another. We are committed to accomplishing this vision with outings, workshops, gallery visits, and members-teaching-members their unique skills. We are looking forward to the kind of open dialogue that happens when focused, creative women come together for the purpose of exploring and sharing. Contact Victoria Weill-Hagai at

Berkshire  Adventures

I am forming a peer group for women who summer in the Berkshires.  The first meeting would be held in the late Spring of 2014 at a restaurant in the area, such as Great Barrington or Lenox or New York if more people are available there to discuss the activities we would like to pursue over the summer.  These could include Tanglewood, Jacobs Pillow and the theater.  For the more adventurous of us, we could also plan hikes and other outdoor activities.  We would prepare a calendar with a list of activities for the Summer and make that available to the members.  If you are interested, please contact: (2/14)

Cultural Exchange
We’re a lively group of diverse TTN women who want to explore how our cultural and racial backgrounds influence our perspectives on topical issues and personal experiences.  We meet the FIRST MONDAY of each month (1-3pm), in members' apartments  but also sometimes meet at ethnic
restaurants or thought-provoking  movies, plays or exhibits. Interested? Please contact or Jude, 347-240-6341.

Explore Psychic Phenomena

Join a small group who will meet for lunch every 2 months to discuss books and personal experiences in areas such as, intuition, psychic readings, astrology, reincarnation etc. Contact ShoyaZichy, or call 212.755.2849. (3/13)

Food Network
Do you have a passion for cooking?  Can’t walk past a kitchen shop without going in?  Let’s form a group of 6-8 fellow foodies to have luncheons where the “bring a dish” is a step beyond the ordinary.  This is a chance to try new things, swap recipes and food info and perhaps take some cooking classes together.  If you are interested, contact Karen Sloves at

Holiday Group Gatherings
During a meeting of my TTN Caring Collaborative Downtown One Peer Group, it was discovered that several of us are alone on the holidays and would like to have a group that meets for lunches or dinners on holidays. The group would decide if the get-togethers would be in homes or in restaurants on the day of holidays. The group would meet on holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Day, Easter Sunday, Passover, Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day. Contact:

Hudson Heights Peer Group
I am starting a peer group for those wonderful ladies who live in that most beautiful area of Manhattan (and yes, it is Manhattan, not the Bronx) known as the Hudson Heights area. It is that part of Manhattan where the vistas literally take your breath away.  Unfortunately, many TTN ladies do not want to travel up here so I have decided to start a peer group for those of us who are fortunate enough to live in the "north". Of course, everyone is welcome. You do not have to be a resident of this area to join us.  We, of course, particularly welcome our sisters who live in another scenically beautiful area, Riverdale. The first few meetings will be information gathering meetings where we will decide in what direction our group will go. We may want to have a book club, a dinner club, a discussion group etc. We may start as one group and morph into smaller groups or we may want to stay a single entity.  Again, you don't have to be a resident of upper Manhattan to join. Everyone is welcome but the meetings will be held in this area. If interested, please contact Ruth at (11/13)

"I Gotta Have It"
If  you are a collector of art and/or antiques(jewelry too) and have uttered these famous words, "I gotta have it", then why not share your love with other like-minded ladies?     Since NYC is the capital of the art and antique world,  there are  numerous activities available for us to "indulge" our appetites--exhibitions and auctions,  antique shows, museum & gallery events, lectures, etc.   If interested, contact (1/14)

Memoir Writing
Our group meets to read and discuss our memoirs in progress.  Memoirs can be an account of a life, or a shorter narrative and can be written with publication in mind, as part of a family legacy, or for one's own personal enjoyment. Members take turns presenting 2-3 pages of their work and the group offers constructive reactions and suggestions. Meetings are the 3rd TUESDAY of every month (except August) in the early evening and we meet in member's apartments.  We are open for three new members.  Please email Joan at contact or call 212-564-1542.

Moving Forward
Moving Forward is a warm, welcoming group of women who get together on the 1st MONDAY evening each month to socialize and explore new ways to enjoy a full life after the loss of a spouse. Please call Julie Geller at 646-998-4067 or email her at

OY Vey & All Things Jewish
Bring your sense of humor to this informal group where members can discuss their feelings about Jewish issues--Israel, anti-Semitism, the media and world opinion, our heritage, humor and jokes, and of course, Food & Men. We can also plan to attend events of Jewish interest in the city. So, come schmooze and complain with other kindred-spirits. Contact: (1/14)
Superior Food
Members interested in superior food in Manhattan, at probably quite expensive prices! The idea is to meet one evening a month at a chosen high quality restaurant for excellent food and good conversation. The choice of restaurant each month will be by members,and the manner of choice will be discussed at a first meeting. Please be ready to spend a good deal of money on each meal. Perhaps between $100 to $200 per person. Those interested in this kind of peer group please contact Elaine Norman at

Walk 'n Talk
This group is sorely in need of a couple of leaders!  Meeting the 2nd Saturday of the month at 9 AM, the group walks 2 to 3 miles in an hour to 90 minutes. Then the groups breaks up into smaller groups for coffee and/or breakfast and conversation!  Since this is an outside activity, the size of the group isn't a problem-- the more walkers, the better.  For more information contact Ellen Murphy at