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Welcome to the NEW YORK CITY Chapter                   

Members of TTN-NYC come from all five boroughs and parts of upstate NY.

The Transition Network is a vibrant national community of women using our knowledge and skills to build new social and professional networks, find volunteer opportunities, and savor life as we experience our individual journeys. 

The heart of everything we do is member interaction.
Learn about our signature programs - Transition and Special Interest Peer Groups, and the innovative Caring Collaborative. (To see two short videos about The Caring Collaborative Experience, click HERE.) In addition, explore the Events Calendar where TTN women and their guests gather to socialize, share ideas, learn new things, and make new friends with common interests.

See HERE how the NYC Chapter is organized and how we fit into our national organization.


For more information about the New York City Chapter of TTN, contact New York City Chapter Chair Eileen Kobrin ( 

Questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to email our NYC Chapter Administrative Assistant, Shawndra Card-Grant: 

The Transition Network, New York City Chapter, P.O Box 20490, New York, NY 10021


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We celebrate the season of giving: At our December 14th Holiday Luncheon, we'll collect picture books for students who participate in Reading Partners.

Please bring an unwrapped picture book to our Holiday Luncheon. Students participating in Reading Partners can take these books home to build their own home libraries.  Please bring books written for Kindergarten – Grade 3 students. Especially welcome are books in the series “Who Was” and “Who Is” featuring multi-cultural people.

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June 5, 2014
A Gray Jobs Market for All Ages
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